9500 10999

20 inch Super Straight Wraparound Ponytail - 100% Virgin Hair - Color #613 (Blonde)

Whether you want to add extra thickness or volume to your ponytail or revamp your style for a night out, our super easy ponytail will transform your look in no time!

Who says a ponytail has to be boring? Get yourself one of our easy wrap around ponytails and even your lazy hair days will be bomb!

All of our ponytails are made with our virgin hair so you can curl, wave or straighten it with no problem!

Each ponytail comes with one clip to make the install easy and a wraparound strand that gives you the neat, professional and sleek look that you get at the salon. 

Wrap Around Ponytail - 20 inch Super Straight - 100% Virgin Hair - Color #613 (Blonde)
9500 10999

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