African Mango Drops
African Mango Drops
African Mango Drops

African Mango Drops

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The African mango is grown in the west and southwestern parts of Africa. With the help of the African mango, this product supports the acceleration of your metabolism. It is not the actual fruit that proclaims to be beneficial for weight loss, but the extract from the seed which has an abundance of fiber and healthy fats. Supports with appetite suppression (helping people feel fuller longer and not overeat) supports a normal increase in metabolism and energy. Supports beneficial cholesterol known as HDL supports normal increased if stamina.


  • Hormone-free combines proven and highly sought after weight loss ingredients
  • Includes African mango, a recommended weight loss supplement
  • Only have to take formula one drops twice a day versus other brands at three times, makes it easier to stay on track


  • Product Type: African Mango
  • Type: Health & Wellness

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